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Ted McMeekin
M.P.P. - Ancaster-Dundas
4th Floor, suite 4320
Whitney Block
99 Wellesley Street
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 1W3
Fax 416-327-3790

Constituency Office
P.O. Box 1240,
Waterdown, ON, L0R 2H0
Toll-Free: 888-566-6614
Fax: 905-690-6562

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Health care cards

Where Can I get a New Health Card?
You will need a new health card if yours has been lost or damaged, or has an expiry date on it, or if you have received notification from the Ontario Ministry of Health that it must be replaced.
If it is a green photo card, telephone 416-314-5518; give the requested information and a replacement card will be mailed to you.
You will need to take three original documents with you, one from each of the following categories:

  • Proof of Canadian Citizenship or Immigration Status: examples include a Canadian birth certificate or passport. Baptismal certificates will not be accepted.

  • Proof of Residence in Ontario: something with your name and current home address. Examples would include a driver's licence, bank account statement, utility bill, insurance policy, Old Age Security or Canada Pension Plan statement, etc...

  • Proof of Identity: an original document which shows your name and signature, for instance, your social insurance card, an employee ID, credit card or bank card, passport, library card, Old Age Security Card, Ministry of Natural Resources Outdoors card, etc.