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  Home / News Releases / Province turns 23 Acres land over to Bruce Trail  

Province turns 23 Acres land over to Bruce Trail


Province turns 23 Acres land over to Bruce Trail


Accompanied by sunshine and warm weather, MPP Ted McMeekin was on hand at the 23 Acres site just off of Mountain Brow Road recently, to announce the dedication of green space to the Bruce Trail Association. The announcement fit nicely with the province's Earth Day celebrations.

Twenty-three acres of significant natural land were dedicated to the Bruce Trail Association as the Ontario government is continuing to protect Ontario's green spaces and curb urban sprawl.

"By preserving this environmentally sensitive area, we are expanding Waterdown's natural lands and creating a legacy for future generations to enjoy," said McMeekin. "It is just another example of the Ontario government acting on its commitment to protect our green spaces and strengthen the environment by the transfer of these lands."

Green spaces

Building on its plan to protect Ontario's green spaces, the Ontario government intends to donate more than 200 acres of provincially significant natural heritage land to communities with organizations across the province.

In turn, this contribution of land from the Ontario government helps protect this green space from the controversial plan to expand Waterdown Road and Mountain Brow. According to Alex Bielak, a Waterdown resident, "these 23 acres are as protected as they will ever be.

"Through the whole process, the land got picked up and fell under the Niagara Escarpment Plan," he said of a plan developed under the Niagara Escarpment Planning and Development Act. "Now that it has been donated to the Bruce Trail Association, I presume it makes the land further protected. One would certainly hope so."

Patrick McNally, a Mountain Brow resident, donated some 27 acres of land from his nearby property to the Bruce Trail Association last July. The donation's worth was estimated at more than $1.2 million.

"This important contribution supports our government's commitment to protect Ontario's green spaces and is just one of the ways the McGuinty government is working on the side of Ontario families," McMeekin said of the province's recent dedication.

"With less green space with the subdivisions going up, I am delighted," said Bielak of the donation. "It is a spectacular piece of land and is great for tobogganing in the winter, especially near Smokey Hollow," he added enthusiastically.