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Ted McMeekin
M.P.P. - Ancaster-Dundas
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22nd Floor
900 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1L2
Phone: 416-325-4562
Fax: 416-212-3720

Constituency Office
P.O. Box 1240,
Waterdown, ON, L0R 2H0
Toll-Free: 888-566-6614
Fax: 905-690-6562

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Services for Seniors

For more Information about Provincial Seniors Programs call 1-888-405-0405, or visit the following web sites: (select "seniors")

For information on Federal Seniors Programs please call 1-800-667-3355, or visit the web site:

  • Old Age Security Program (OAS)
    A federal government program, OAS ensures that a senior's income does not fall below a certain limit. 1-800-277-9914

  • Old Age Security (Basic) Pension
    If you are 65 or older and meet certain residence requirements, you may be eligible for the basic pension, but you must apply. 1-800-277-9914

  • Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)
    If you have little or no income besides your Old Age Security Pension, you may be able to receive a monthly GIS. You must reapply for the GIS each year. 1-800-277-9914

  • Spouse's Alowance / Widowed Spouse's Allowance
    These programs are for those between 60-to-65 with limited incomes. The Spouse's Allowance is based on your income and your spouse's. You must apply yearly for these benefits. 1-800-277-9914

  • Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
    CPP provides for the payment of a retirement pension; survivors' benefits; children's benefits; disability benefits; and a lump sum death benefit. You must apply for all benefits. 1-800-277-9914

  • Retirement Pension
    If you are at least 60, you may be eligible for full or partial CPP retirement benefits, provided you have made one valid contribution. The amount of your pension depends upon how much and how long you have contributed. You should apply for your retirement pension at least six months before you want to receive it. 1-800-277-9914

  • Survivors' Benefits
    If you have contributed to the CPP for the necessary number of years, your estate may, upon application, receive a lump-sum benefit upon your death. Your legal or common-law spouse may be eligible for benefits, if he or she meets certain requirements. Your children will receive benefits until they reach age 18, or up to 25 if they continue to attend school full time. 1-800-277-9914

  • Employment Insurance
    In 1988, the law was changed to permit people over 65 to collect employment benefits if they were unemployed and actively seeking work. Seniors who can prove they were available for work may be eligible for retroactive benefits back to September 23, 1988. Call the Human Resources Development Office .

  • Veterans Affairs
    Provides a wide range of services and benefits to war veterans and certain citizens with theatre-of-war experience, including disability pensions, pensions for dependents and survivors, war veterans allowances and Veterans Independence Programs.

  • Ontario Guaranteed Annual Income Supplement (GAINS)
    Most seniors who receive the federal GIS and whose incomes fall below the province's guaranteed income level will receive further financial assistance from the Ontario government through GAINS. Eligibility is calculated automatically and there is no need to apply. Call the Ontario Ministry of Finance Information Line: 1-800-263-7965.

  • Tax Credits for Seniors
    Two kinds of Ontario Tax Credits are available to eligible Ontario seniors: Property Tax and Sales Tax Credits. 1-800-263-7965

  • Ontario Drug Benefits
    Provides limited drug coverage for t\hose 65 and over. You contribute towards prescription drug costs according to your income. You pay $2 a prescription if you are: single, with a net income of less than $16,018 per year; a couple, both over 65, with a combined net income of less than $24,175 per year; living in a long term care facility; or receiving home care. Seniors with an income higher than the above pay the first $100 of drug costs each year. After that, you only pay the dispensing fee of up to $6.11 per prescription. You must apply to receive this benefit. 1-800-268-1153